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Free Download 10 Minute School IELTS Course by Munzereen Shahid

10 Minute School IELTS Course
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Assalamu alaikum, How are you all. I hope you’re all well.Today i’m going to share with you, 10 Minute School IELTS Course.

Many of us know about this course and have done this course recently.But many cannot do this course due to lack of money. I have brought today’s course for free for them.

Don’t say before you start. This course is for educational purposes only. So please no one try to sell this course. If you want to buy, you can buy 10 minutes school and you will get a certificate.

This post does not violate any copyright laws. If there is a problem to download, please let me know and many people could not play the video, definitely use Mx Player Pro to play the video.

10 Minute School Free Course

Free Download 10 Minute School IELTS Course by Munzereen Shahid

Take complete preparation of Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS in one course! By enrolling in the IELTS course, get videos, lecture sheets, IELTS Reading and Listening Mock Tests, Doubt Solving Live Classes and Munzereen Shahid’s “ঘরে বসে IELTS প্রস্তুতি” book for free! So, enroll in our IELTS Course today to get the best preparation for the IELTS exam and achieve the desired band score!

What you will learn by doing the course

  • 1.Detailed rules and regulations of each module of the IELTS test.
  • 2.Formats and strategies to ace the IELTS test.
  • 3.Proper structure and essay type for scoring well in IELTS writing task 1 and 2
  • 4.Speaking accurately on any topic in the IELTS speaking test.
  • 5.Time management strategy to get a good band score in the IELTS test.
  • 6.Through the IELTS Reading and IELTS Listening Mock Tests, you will gain a real exam experience and a complete understanding of the Band Score in the IELTS exam.

Details about the course

This IELTS Course is for

  • 1.Those who aim to go abroad for work or higher education.
  • 2.Those who want to apply for permanent residency abroad.
  • 3.Those who have appeared for the IELTS exam but are not satisfied with their band score.
  • 4.Those who want to improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through IELTS for work, business, or personal interest.

About The IELTS Course

IELTS certificates are accepted in different higher education institutions in the USA and other English-speaking countries across the globe. This exam tests the ability of the candidates to speak, read, listen and write in English.

Many of us are intimidated by English grammar as English is not our first language. Fortunately, IELTS is essentially a language-based test and not grammar-based. To achieve the desired score, you will require four English language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The more proficient a person is in these four areas, the higher their score will be on the IELTS test. You Can Learn: 10 Minute School Data Entry Freelancing Course

To help IELTS examinees improve these four essential English language skills, 10 Minute School has brought a detailed and well-guided IELTS preparation course. The instructor of this course is Munzereen Shahid (IELTS Band Score 8.5/9), who has recently graduated from the English Department of the world-renowned Oxford University in England.

If you Download in our course, you will receive the book “ঘরে বসে IELTS প্রস্তুতি by Munzereen Shahid, completely free! Along with the video lectures in the course, you can learn strategies from the book and practice to fully prepare for the IELTS exam. This course also includes IELTS Reading and Listening Mock Tests, which will give you a real exam experience and an understanding of band scores. During practice sessions, expert instructors are available in live classes to solve any problems you may encounter. Therefore, now you can have complete IELTS preparation in one course!

To make your IELTS test preparation effortless, efficient, and practical, enroll in “IELTS Course by Munzereen Shahid” today and take yourself one step closer to fulfilling your dreams!

This IELTS course will help you in the following ways

  • 1. You will be able to prepare effectively from home for both the ‘Academic IELTS’ and ‘General Training IELTS’ modules. This course has separate sections for both modules.
  • 2. You will learn tips, hacks, and techniques according to the question types in the IELTS speaking, reading, listening, and writing tests.
  • 3. You will be able to solve all types of IELTS questions correctly and prepare yourself with pen and paper.
  • 4. Along with watching the videos, you will have lecture sheets, the book “ঘরে বসে IELTS প্রস্তুতি” and Doubt Solving Live Classes for complete preparation.
  • 5. After completing the course, you will be able to enhance your own IELTS preparation by solving the questions in the IELTS Reading and Listening mock tests.

Description of the course

  • Name of the Course: IELTS
  • Course Teachers: Munzereen Shahid
  • Total videos: 52
  • sets of quizzes: 50
  • Project Files: 1

Download 10 ms IELTS Course

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